JavaScript Libraries

JavaScript libraries help to bridge the gap between browser differences and provide easier access to complex browser features. Libraries come in two forms: general and specialty. General JavaScript libraries provide access to common browser functionality and can be used as the basis for a web site or web application. Specialty libraries do only specific things and are intended to be used for only parts of a web site or web application. This appendix provides an overview of these libraries and some of their functionality, along with web sites that you can use as additional resources.


General JavaScript libraries provide functionality that spans across topics. All general libraries seek to equalize browser interface and implementation differences by wrapping common functionality with new APIs. Some of the APIs look similar to native functionality, whereas others look completely different. General libraries typically provide interaction with the DOM, support for Ajax, and utility methods that aid in common tasks.

Yahoo! User Interface Library (YUI)

Yahoo! User Interface Library (YUI) is an open-source JavaScript and CSS library designed in an à la carte fashion. There isn’t just one file for this library; instead there are multiple files provided in a variety of configurations, ensuring that you load only what you need. YUI covers all aspects of JavaScript, from basic utilities and helper functions to full-blown widgets. YUI has a dedicated ...

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