Chapter 20. Using the K2 Workspace and Reporting

Sergio Del Piccolo

The K2 Workspace provides an interface for workflow participants to interact with the process-driven applications developed using K2 blackpearl. Participants are presented with a worklist displaying tasks that have been assigned to them, giving them the ability to manage their worklists and complete their tasks.

The K2 Workspace provides powerful reporting features, allowing for the creation of reports through a simple wizard process. Reports created on the K2 Workspace can be published to Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services and be edited using any Report Definition Language (RDL)–compliant tools. Reports created by developers using the Reporting Services Report Designer in Microsoft Visual Studio can be imported and shared with the workflow participants.

The K2 Workspace also provides workflow participants, developers, and administrators with the ability to create and manage notification and custom events informing them of important server events that have been executed as the deployed processes run.

Accordingly, this chapter covers the following topics:

  • Using the K2 Workspace to complete the tasks assigned to you

  • Viewing and creating reports

  • Configuring Notification Events

K2 Workspace Overview

The K2 Workspace is a browser-based interface allowing process participants to manage their worklist and giving them access to view or create workflow related reports. The K2 Workspace contains the K2 Management Console, which ...

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