6.3.2 Conceptualizing the Interface
Before attempting to design an interface you should always sketch
out a concept. These sketches are for your own personal benefit and
are not meant to impress anyone. The point is just to get your idea
on paper. If there is one advantage you will have over me, it is that
you will probably never have to put your sketches into publication
for the whole world to see.
6.3.3 Indenting By Hierarchy
Using indentation helps create a visual outline and cues for the hier-
archical structure of the layouts and controls. The following example
shows the outline for the File menu. The full outline can be found on
the companion disc, along with a list that contains the names of the
controls. I recommend setting up a list of control names before tak-
ing on a large interface project.
Scene Management with ewc_extendedLayerManager
Chapter 6
Figure 6-20

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