Professional Microsoft® SharePoint® Designer 2007

Book description

With Professional Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007, you can master all aspects of using Share Point Designer in an Enterprise environment to enhance Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies. Review key integration points, how to use CSS editing tools to create and modify SharePoint themes, how to supplement SharePoint Designer functionality by using Microsoft Visual Studio, and how to create a rich interactive experience. If you need to connect SharePoint with other enterprise resources or create components to integrate into the SharePoint framework, this book will show you how to accomplish these tasks.

Table of contents

  1. Copyright
  2. Dedication
  3. About the Authors
  4. About the Technical Editors
  5. Credits
  6. Acknowledgments
  7. Introduction
  8. The Basics
    1. Exploring SharePoint Designer
      1. SharePoint Designer as a Web Editor
      2. Page Editor
      3. Toolbars and Task Panes
      4. Web Site (Structural) Views
      5. Summary
    2. SharePoint from the User's Perspective
      1. A Default SharePoint Home Page
      2. SharePoint Content: Lists, Libraries, and More
      3. Web Parts
      4. Summary
    3. SharePoint from the Administrator's Perspective
      1. On the Site
      2. On the Server
      3. Summary
    4. SharePoint from a SharePoint Designer's Perspective
      1. Navigating a SharePoint Site
      2. List and Library Properties
      3. Contributor Settings
      4. Summary
  9. Customizing the SharePoint Look and Feel
    1. The Anatomy of a SharePoint Page
      1. Bits and Pieces
      2. The Special Case of the _layouts Folder
      3. Web Part Pages
      4. SharePoint Master Pages — A Deep Dive
      5. Summary
    2. Using SharePoint Designer's CSS Editing Tools
      1. What Are Cascading Style Sheets?
      2. CSS in SharePoint
      3. Working with Style in SharePoint Designer
      4. Summary
    3. The Anatomy of a Theme
      1. What Are SharePoint Themes?
      2. SharePoint's Themes
      3. Use SharePoint Designer to Explore and Customize Themes
      4. Publishing the Modified Theme
      5. A Customized Theme, from Head to Toe
      6. Summary
    4. Master Pages and Layouts
      1. Web Content Management in SharePoint
      2. Master Pages Revisited
      3. Lay Out Your Page Layout
      4. Create Publishing Pages Based on Page Layouts
      5. Decoupling a Page from a Page Layout
      6. Summary
  10. Applications without Programming
    1. Building Your Own Workflows
      1. Introducing the Workflow Designer
      2. Workflow Elements in Detail
      3. SharePoint Designer Workflow Considerations
      4. Summary
    2. Working with SharePoint Data
      1. List View Revisited
      2. List View Control Menu
      3. Introducing the XSLT Data View
      4. Making Connections
      5. Data View Editing Basics
      6. XSLT in Brief
      7. Summary
    3. Advanced Data Access: External Data and More
      1. The Data Source Library in Detail
      2. Working with Hierarchical Data
      3. More about the Business Data Catalog
      4. Data Views on the Move
      5. Summary
    4. Working with Forms
      1. SharePoint Designer's Form Tools
      2. Traditional Web Forms
      3. SharePoint Data Forms
      4. Summary
  11. Programming on the Client Side
    1. The Content Editor Web Part
      1. What Is the Content Editor Web Part?
      2. The Content Editor in SharePoint Designer
      3. Customized Search Results: A Complete Page Example
      4. Tokens of Affection
      5. A Few Tips and Tricks
      6. Summary
    2. The SharePoint Client-Side Object Model
      1. What Is the Web Part Page Services Component?
      2. The Web Part Page Event Model
      3. Web Part Storage
      4. Beyond the WPSC
      5. Summary
  12. Beyond SharePoint Designer
  13. Creating Workflow Elements in Visual Studio
    1. What You Need to Get Started
    2. Introduction to Custom Actions
    3. Deploying and Configuring Your Custom Action
    4. Testing Your Custom Action
    5. Summary
  14. Creating Custom Web Parts
    1. What You Need to Get Started
    2. About Custom Web Parts
    3. Deploying and Configuring Your Web Part
    4. Testing Your Web Part
    5. Summary
  15. Creating SharePoint Designer Add-ins
    1. What You Need to Get Started
    2. Introducing Visual Studio Tools for Office Add-ins
    3. Installing the SharePoint Designer Add-In Project Templates
    4. Creating Your Add-In
    5. Testing Your Add-In
    6. Summary
  16. A Little Administration
    1. Reporting
    2. Backup Plans
    3. Templates and Packages
    4. Summary
  17. A Brief History of SharePoint and SharePoint Designer
    1. From FrontPage to SharePoint Designer
    2. The SharePoint Family Tree
    3. SharePoint and SharePoint Designer Today
  18. Index

Product information

  • Title: Professional Microsoft® SharePoint® Designer 2007
  • Author(s): Woody Windischman, Bryan Phillips, Asif Rehmani
  • Release date: January 2009
  • Publisher(s): Wrox
  • ISBN: 9780470287613