2.3. Installing Reporting Services in SharePoint Integrated Mode

As detailed earlier in this chapter in the "Deployment Topologies for SharePoint Integration" section, Reporting Services can be installed either on a standalone server or on multiple servers. The recommended SharePoint deployment approach for most organizations will at a minimum have two servers, where one server is used for SharePoint and the other server is for the database server. Therefore, in this section, we will detail the steps to install Reporting Services in SharePoint integrated mode on multiple servers, assuming that you have SharePoint already deployed at your organization.

Assuming that we have two servers, the following sections detail the steps to install reporting services in SharePoint integrated mode.

The installation process includes the following steps:

  1. Install Reporting Services on SQL Server 2008.

  2. Configure Reporting Services using the configuration wizard.

  3. Install SharePoint on the report server.

  4. Install the Reporting Services Add-in for SharePoint.

  5. Activate Reporting Services Integration Services Feature.

  6. Configure Report server integration on SharePoint Central Administration.

We'll start by looking at the first two steps in more depth.

2.3.1. Installing and Configuring Reporting Services for SharePoint Integration

When SQL is initially installed, you can choose not to install Reporting Services; install it using the files-only option, or install it using the default configuration for SharePoint ...

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