Chapter 11. Report Models

A report model is a predefined way to access data that has already been set up by an experienced report designer. The model provides end-users with all the data they will need to build the reports that interest them. Without the report model, end-users would have to track down each piece of data in the database system, likely with the help of a Database Administrator (DBA). The correct data is often in disparate tables throughout the database system. The model allows for these end-users to then use this model data and perform ad hoc queries against it. A report model can be built against an SQL Server database, an SQL Server 2005 or later Analysis Services cube, or an Oracle database running version or later. To better understand how report models are built and which features they include, you will do a simple walk-through using the AdventureWorksDW2008 database.

This chapter covers:

  • Creating Reporting Services report models

  • Working with report model data sources

  • Creating report model data source views

  • Setting report model properties

  • Deploying report models

  • Creating report models for Analysis Services

Getting Started

To begin, open up the SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS). In the Development Studio, you can create various business intelligence projects. Go to File

Getting Started

Once you have opened a new report model project, there are three folders ...

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