20.4. Getting Prepared for Clustering

When it comes to SQL Server 2008 clustering, the devil is in the details. If you are not familiar with this expression, you will be by the time you complete your first SQL Server 2008 clustering installation. If you take the time to ensure that every step is done correctly and in the right order, your cluster installation will be smooth and relatively quick and painless; but if you don't like to read instructions, instead preferring the trial-and-error approach to computer administration, then expect to face a lot of frustration and a lot of time installing and reinstalling your SQL Server 2008 cluster, as not paying attention to the details is something you will later regret.

The best way to ensure a smooth cluster installation is to create a very detailed, step-by-step plan for the installation, down to the screen level. Yes, this is boring and tedious, but it forces you to think through every option and how it will affect your installation and your organization (once it is in production). In addition, such a plan will come in handy the next time you build a cluster, and will be great documentation for your disaster recovery plan. You do have a disaster recovery plan, don't you?

20.4.1. Preparing the Infrastructure

Before you even begin building a SQL Server 2008 cluster, you must ensure that your network infrastructure is in place. Here's a checklist of everything required before you begin installing a SQL Server 2008 cluster. In many ...

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