3.5. SQL Server Component Considerations

In this section, we discuss individual components, along with any respective considerations that should be evaluated during an upgrade process. Components not covered here are covered in their respective chapters.

3.5.1. Upgrading Full-Text Catalog to SQL Server 2008

During the upgrade process, all databases with Full-Text Catalog are marked Full-Text disabled. This is because of the potential time involved in rebuilding the catalog. Before you upgrade your Full-Text Search environment, you should familiarize yourself with some of the enhancements. In the area of manageability and scalability, Full-Text Search has been integrated into each SQL Server 2008 instance. Full-Text Search now supports XML data types, XML indexes, and XML queries. Full-Text Catalogs are now a fully integrated part of the database backup and restore process. This functionality is also supported in the database attach and detach processes. I also recommend reading SQL Server 2008 Books Online to learn about additional behavior changes (for example, running the Full-Text action against master and tempdb is no longer supported).

3.5.2. Upgrading Reporting Services

Upgrading to Reporting Services 2008 is supported from Reporting Services 2005 SP2 and Reporting Services 2000 SP2. Reporting Services 2008 will support a Report database on SQL Server 2008 or SQL Server 2005, but not on SQL Server 2000. Moreover, Reporting Services 2008 no longer requires IIS. Prior to ...

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