Chapter 20

External Management and WMI Task Implementation


  • Managing SSIS in SQL Server 2012
  • The Managed Object Model code library
  • Using the new Project class
  • Using the Application and Package classes
  • WMI operations

Throughout this book, you’ve been exposed to different ways to manage the development and administration of SSIS packages using the Visual Studio IDE and SQL Server Management Studio. This chapter expands on those operations by providing an overview of the ways in which you perform these same management and administrative functions programmatically through managed code. You learn how to use the new Project and Parameter classes that have been added to the Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.Runtime class, as well as the new Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.IntegrationServices class also known as the Managed Object Model. You will also learn how to perform legacy package management operations using the managed Application and Package classes exposed in the dynamic-linked library Microsoft.SQLServer.ManagedDTS.dll by the .NET Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.Runtime namespace.

The second half of this chapter details the capabilities of the WMI Data Reader Task and the WMI Event Watcher Task. These tasks provide access to system information via the Windows Management Interface model, better known as WMI. Through a query-based language called WQL, similar to SQL in structure and syntax, you can obtain information about a wide variety of system resources to assist you ...

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