I’D LIKE TO THANK my family and fiancée Cristina for their support while writing this book. I also want to applaud this incredible author and technical editing team! You’ll see why this team is so exceptional in the introduction to this book. Special thanks go to Brad Schacht, whose help was critical in completing several of these chapters. My two pups, Ladybird and Mac, who kept my feet warm while writing on my patio in the winter (yes, I know it’s FL winter) and a special thanks to Brian Knight and Bob Elliot for getting me started in this crazy writing game in the first place. Thank you to the Wrox team for keeping us on track and helping to make this title a reality. Your support of me and the team made all the difference!

—Adam Jorgensen

I’D LIKE TO THANK my wife Anna and my daughter Jennifer for the support and dedication while writing this book. I’d like to thank the Microsoft Technology Center’s staff, including the director Adam Hecktman, for their support and for making the Microsoft Technology Center Chicago a great facility to learn and experience. In addition and foremost I’d like to thank the SQL Server development team for delivering another excellent release full of features in SQL Server 2012. Last but not least, thanks to the technical reviewer Jason Strate and several folks at Wiley, including Victoria Swider and Robert Elliott, for getting these words in print to enable our readers to share my passion for SQL Server.

—Ross LoForte


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