Chapter 3

Upgrading SQL Server 2012 Best Practices


  • Upgrade Planning
  • Discontinued and Deprecated Features
  • Choosing an Upgrade Method
  • What to Watch for After the Upgrade

Chapter 2, “Installing SQL Server 2012 Best Practices,” covers performing a new installation of SQL Server 2012. This chapter discusses upgrading SQL Server from a previous version. The best strategy for a successful upgrade is planning and preparation. First, you cover reasons for upgrading to SQL Server 2012. You then consider the pros and cons of various upgrade strategies, and you learn about the various tools available to help mitigate risk during the upgrade process. Then you learn about SQL Server 2012 behavior changes and discontinued features that you need to know before upgrading. To wrap up, this chapter explores unexpected issues you might encounter after the upgrade. By the end of the chapter, you will have learned everything you need to know to perform a successful upgrade to SQL Server 2012.


This book introduces significant enhancements throughout the product. During the development cycle, consider the three pillars of focus for the product: mission-critical confidence, breakthrough insight, and cloud on your terms. With the release of SQL Server 2012, Microsoft enhanced numerous features in the areas of scalability, reliability, availability, and security. Following are many benefits that these new features and capabilities provide:

  • More efficient ...

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