Chapter 23

SQL Server 2012 SharePoint 2010 Integration


  • Advanced Reporting and Self Service BI Capabilities
  • Supporting SharePoint as a DBA
  • Managing Data in a SharePoint Environment

With the advent of all the new features discussed in preceding chapters, Microsoft is leveraging previous improvements to SharePoint to enable increased SQL Server 2012 capabilities around business intelligence, performance, and office integration. Users demand faster access to changing data, and the business intelligence stack in SQL Server 2012 delivers that with some exciting new enhancements focused specifically at integrating with users’ experience in SharePoint 2010.

SharePoint 2010 leverages the power and scalability of SQL Server to drive servicing content, configuration data, and metadata about users and security. The major area of integration for SharePoint 2010 is databases that support the service applications. This chapter dives deeper into this improvement, proving a look into the features of SQL Server that interact with and require SharePoint to experience their full functionality.


When you think about integration in the SQL Server and SharePoint world, you are looking at service applications inside of SharePoint that interact with products or features in the SQL Server ecosystem. This integration has many components including service applications, SQL Server features, and new Reporting Services features such as Power View. The following ...

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