Chapter 21

PowerPivot for SharePoint

What's in this chapter?

  • Using SharePoint and Excel Services
  • Understanding PowerPivot servers for SharePoint
  • Understanding PowerPivot Services for SharePoint
  • Taking a look at workflow scenarios in PowerPivot for SharePoint
  • Taking a look at new features in SQL Server 2012 for PowerPivot for SharePoint
  • Installing and configuring PowerPivot for SharePoint
  • Understanding optional setup steps for a multiserver environment

This chapter provides information on SharePoint services and servers in addition to information on setting up and configuring your PowerPivot for the SharePoint farm. This chapter also discusses the various different types of PowerPivot farms and how to effectively scale out your PowerPivot for the SharePoint farm. PowerPivot for SharePoint v1 had numerous complexities that often made deployment/configuration quite time-consuming. SQL Server 2012 has a number of new features and improvements that help address some of these issues.

One of the key concerns for IT administrators regarding Excel is the dissemination of undefined, unverifiable, and uncoupled spreadsheets, also known as spreadmarts, throughout the organization. Spreadmarts provide invaluable insights allowing analysts to solve complex business problems. Unfortunately, this insight can be overshadowed by the administrative overhead of attempting to manage the vast amount of data. Security, performance, and reliability can quickly become a challenge for an IT administrator. ...

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