Chapter 15

Managing Report Projects

What's in this chapter?

Solutions and projects

Version control

Synchronizing content

Managing server content

Using Azure Reporting

The first decision facing a report solution developer is how to best structure his or her work in a manner that is both consistent and logical. This becomes particularly important when you are working as part of a project team, with each team member responsible for delivering a part of the overall solution requirements.

This chapter looks at ways in which you can organize your report development to support the full deployment life cycle, from requirements to production implementation.

Solutions and Projects

What is a solution?

In its most basic form, a solution can be thought of as simply a collection of related projects. When you create a new project using the File menu in the Visual Studio environment, a solution is created automatically in the location you specify in the New Project dialog box, as shown in Figure 15.1. When creating a project for the first time, you can create a directory on your computer or network hard drive to contain the solutions and projects you create. You also can save your solution to your source control system as it is created. You'll read more about that later.

As you have learned, Reporting Services and Report Model projects are examples of the types of projects you can ...

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