Chapter 19

Native Mode Server Administration

What's in this chapter?


Account management and system-level roles

Surface area management

Backup and recovery

Application databases

Encryption keys

Configuration files

Monitoring and logging

Performance counters and server management reports

Memory management

URL reservations

E-mail delivery

Managing rendering extensions

With any mission-critical service, it's important to properly configure and administer your report server. If you have Reporting Services configured in Native mode and not integrated into SharePoint, you will use tools that are specific to Reporting Services.

This chapter addresses the administration tasks for a report server configured in Native mode. It does not apply to SharePoint Integrated mode. Some significant architectural changes took place in SQL Server 2012 with respect to SharePoint integration. In earlier product versions, the service configuration was managed using the same tools, regardless of which mode the server was configured in, with some additional integration settings in SharePoint. In the 2012 version, this all changed. Now the integrated report server is managed completely within the SharePoint Central Administrator and other SharePoint user interfaces. The Reporting Services Configuration Manager and configuration files are no longer used in that case. Reporting Services no longer runs as a Windows Service in Integrated mode. That version of the core report server is now managed as a ...

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