Chapter 20

Integrating Reports into Custom Applications

What's in this chapter?

Leveraging URL access and Web services to render reports

Building a custom Windows Forms application to enter parameters and render reports

Integrating report viewer controls in Windows and web form applications

Rendering reports from within your web applications as HTML or as other downloadable formats such as PDF

Creating custom parameter input interfaces for Reporting Services

Reporting Services was designed to be a flexible reporting technology that can be easily integrated into a variety of scenarios. Many reporting needs will never expand beyond the out-of-the-box functionality provided by Reporting Services. However, if the requirement arises, Reporting Services includes endless opportunities for integration with custom-built applications, as well as SharePoint.

Within a SharePoint portal, Reporting Services leverages the framework to deliver reports via Report Libraries. However, many organizations maintain a custom corporate reporting portal instead of SharePoint. In these situations, developers might need a way to display numerous reports in a Web environment. Reporting Services can also be embedded into line-of-business applications. Developers might want to use Reporting Services to create invoices or purchase orders directly from their applications. Some organizations may decide that the default Report Manager is not robust enough for their needs. In this situation, a custom reporting management ...

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