Appendix CInterviewing for an ETL Developer Position

This appendix should be used as a preparation guide for interview questions you may encounter when interviewing for an ETL Developer position. This is not an all-encompassing list of what you may be asked, but it does provide a good sample of common questions. These questions also only focus on the technical aspects of interviewing and do not offer guidance for personality and work behavior, which are likely questions to occur during an interview. Each question includes a chapter reference to guide you on where you can read more details on the topic.

Oftentimes in technical interviews you will be asked to demonstrate skills or whiteboard concepts. So be prepared to not only answer questions verbally but also visualize processes to the interviewer. You should anticipate the interviewer requesting you to do this, so practice whiteboarding common ETL concepts.


  1. Discuss why you would use checkpoints and how they affect the execution of an SSIS package (See Chapter 15).

  2. If you have a package that runs fine in SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) but fails when running from a SQL Agent Job what would be your first step in troubleshooting the problem (See Chapter 22)?

  3. Discuss why you would use transactions and how they affect the execution of an SSIS package (See Chapter 15).

  4. What techniques would you consider to add notification to your packages? You’re required to send e-mails to essential staff members immediately after a package ...

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