Chapter 2The SSIS Tools

  • Working with the Import and Export Wizard
  • Using the SQL Server Data Tools application
  • Examining the windows used to create packages
  • Utilizing Management Studio to administer your packages

As with any Microsoft product, SQL Server ships with a myriad of wizards and tools to make your life easier and reduce your time to market. In this chapter you will learn about some of the tools of the trade that are available to you and how to create your first basic package. These wizards make transporting data and deploying your packages much easier and can save you hours of work in the long run, but they’re only a starting point in most cases. In the first part of this chapter, you’ll look at the Import and Export Wizard, which enables you to create a package for importing or exporting data quickly with minimal transformations. As a matter of fact, you may run this tool in your day-to-day work without even knowing that SSIS is the back end for the wizard. The latter part of this chapter explores other, more powerful, tools that are available to you, such as SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT). By the time this chapter is complete, you will have created your first SSIS package.


The Import and Export Wizard is the easiest method to move data from sources like Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, Excel, and text files to nearly any destination, and it is available across all versions of SQL Server — even those that don’t include SSIS. ...

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