Chapter 7Advanced Report Design


The samples and exercises for this chapter are included in the SSDT solution that was introduced in Chapter 3. If you have not set up the book samples and exercises, return to Chapter 3 and complete those tasks.

The real power behind Reporting Services is its ability to creatively use data groups and combinations of report items and data regions. You can add calculations and conditional formatting by using simple programming code. By programming code, I mean anything from a single line of code to an entire library. Whether you are an application developer or a business report designer, this chapter contains important information to help you design reports to meet your users' requirements and to raise the bar with compelling report features.


With respect to page layout, reports have two sizing modes: interactive and printable. When users run a report in their web browser and use it interactively, they typically don't care that much about the page size. This is particularly true with reports that have wide content like a matrix region that can dynamically grow horizontally with the data. When a report is printed or rendered to a ...

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