IN RECENT YEARS, MOBILE DEVICES have gained popularity due to lower costs, small and sleek sizes, and the capability to act as a computer with you at all times. The increased use of mobile devices has created new issues for developers and network administrators, such as how to secure the devices, how to deal with increases in bandwidth, and how to make existing codebases usable on a device ten times smaller than it was designed for.

This book discusses these problems and many more, with a detailed overview of how to get started developing for a variety of mobile devices. If you are reading this, you are interested in learning about mobile development; we hope to give you the information and tools to start down the best path to develop a mobile application.

Who This Book Is For

This book is targeted at anyone interested in mobile development. We assume the reader is a technical professional with some type of development experience during their career.

Whether you are a developer or a manager, this book explains key concepts and basic platform requirements for creating mobile applications.

What This Book Covers

Professional Mobile Application Development covers the key concepts needed to develop mobile apps and mobile websites, using a variety of platforms and technologies:

  • Whether to develop an app or a mobile website
  • Why a mobile presence is important
  • Mobile user interfaces design concepts
  • Creating mobile web apps using responsive techniques
  • Creating web services ...

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