Appendix B. Useful Sites

This book concludes with a list of other online resources that you will undoubtedly find valuable as you build mobile websites with CMS platforms.


If you are an experienced developer with a given Content Management System, you probably know of that platform's main website and developer resources. For completeness, we list three of those main platforms here, to complement the details of the individual mobile plug-ins and themes we discussed in the book.


The main site for WordPress is found at, and the latest version of the CMS itself is downloaded from Mobile plug-ins can be sought at, and themes can be found at

Documentation for using WordPress (as an administrator) is comprehensive and available in the site's "codex" at This also includes advanced information, such as how to customize existing templates (

For developing or significantly enhancing plug-ins and themes, the developer documentation at is the definitive source of information. The API for hooks, filters, and actions ( explain the detail behind the functions we used in Chapter 12. Some of the more esoteric sections of the API may be scantily ...

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