Chapter 15



  • Getting ready for polyglot persistence
  • Understanding the database technologies suitable for immutable data sets
  • Choosing the right database to facilitate ease of application development
  • Using both RDBMS and NoSQL products together

The emergence of NoSQL and the growing excitement around it is making developers wonder if NoSQL options are a replacement to RDBMS. This has led some to claim that RDBMS is dead and that NoSQL is the next predominant database technology. It has also spurred opposing reactions where arguments are being put forward to prove that NoSQL is a “flash in the pan.” The truth is far removed from either of those radical claims. NoSQL and RDBMS are both important and have their place. Peaceful coexistence of the two technologies is reality. Plurality in technology has always been the norm and polyglot persistence is the present and the future. This chapter explains a few cases and the process required to get ready for polyglot persistence.

In the first situation, I explore a case of leveraging the NoSQL ideology within a popular open-source RDBMS product, MySQL. Subsequently, I explore the database requirements for immutable data sets and in the domain of data warehousing and business intelligence. I also present the situations where the choice of an appropriate database technology makes the task of application development easier.


So far, this book has treated RDBMS and NoSQL as two ...

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