Chapter 17

Tools and Utilities


  • Examining popular tools and utilities for monitoring and managing NoSQL products
  • Surveying log processing, MapReduce management, and search related tools
  • Demonstrating a few scalable and robust manageability related utilities

This book is about NoSQL and the objective from the very beginning was to get you familiar with the topic. The intent was not to make you an expert in a specific NoSQL product. The book exposed you to as many underlying concepts as possible and to the rich diversity offered by the different NoSQL products. I have achieved that initial goal and given you enough material on NoSQL so that you feel confident and comfortable about the basic building blocks of this ever-growing domain. This final chapter continues that effort to enhance your learning of NoSQL. Instead of focusing on more concepts though, this chapter presents a few interesting and important tools and utilities that you are likely to leverage as you adopt NoSQL in your technology stack. The list is by no means exhaustive or a collection of the best available products. It’s just a representative sample.

The chapter is structured around 14 different open-source and freely available use cases, tools, and utilities. Although each of these is related to NoSQL, they are independent of each other. This means you can read linearly through this chapter or choose to go to a specific page that covers a specific product as required.

The first couple of ...

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