Welcome to Professional Programming Outlook 2007. This book covers Outlook programming, with the primary emphasis on the many new Outlook 2007 programming features. Existing knowledge of Outlook programming isn't necessary because this book teaches you all you need to know to develop everything from Outlook custom forms and personal productivity macros to advanced COM addins that utilize a range of Microsoft technologies.

When I first was briefed on the programming features of Outlook 2007 early in 2005, I felt like a kid at Christmas. Finally, the Outlook object model had almost all the features Outlook developers had been requesting for many years.

Outlook's object model always has been incomplete. Many properties that are important to Outlook developers were always unavailable in previous versions of the Outlook object model. Some examples of properties that were unavailable are Internet headers in emails, the name of the last person to modify an item, the global object ID for calendar items that was introduced in Outlook 2003 SP2 and calendar labels. Advanced Outlook programming always had to use additional programming APIs such as CDO 1.21 (Collaboration Data Objects), Extended MAPI, and third-party libraries that exposed Extended MAPI properties, such as Redemption, that weren't in the Outlook object model.

Now, with Outlook 2007 you rarely if ever have to leave the Outlook object model to do what you want with your code.

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