Appendix A. Pocket Reference

This appendix is a listing by chapter of important code snippets and formulas. It's meant to be a reference for the code snippets. The electronic form is on the book's companion website so you can arrange it into any format that you'd like.

Chapter 1: Understanding Flash3D

Summary: Flash 3D is one of the fastest-moving areas in web technology. In this chapter, you learned how to build a simple 3D engine in both CS3 and CS4. Using what you learned about 3D engines you created a torus worm, carousel, and image ball. Finally, you examined Disney's rules for creating realistic animation, and converted a timeline animation into ActionScript.

Helpful Links

Perspective Scaling

T = scale = focal length/(focal length + z)
scale=focal length/(focal length + z);

Generating Random Colors


3D Engine in 13 Lines of Code

import flash.display.Sprite;//imports sprite class var myAngle:Number =0;//Angle of ball var ball:Sprite = new Sprite();//instantiates ball sprite;//Assign a ball color, 0, 40);//draws your ball at 0,0;//ends the fill addChild(ball);//adds the ball to the stage addEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, myonEnterFrame);//loops equations function myonEnterFrame(event:Event):void{ myAngle=myAngle+.1;//iterates angle ball.x = 300*Math.sin(myAngle); ...

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