Shipping Software


  • Understanding what you need to ship software: vision, insight, resources, planning, and product features.
  • Understanding three approaches to management methodologies: Scrum, MSF, and Waterfall.
  • Comparing the three project management methodologies.

This chapter covers the high-level process of shipping software. You'll learn how to start with a compelling vision and the resources you need to build a product. You'll also learn about the relationship among competing constraints. You'll read about three popular software project management techniques: Scrum, Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF), and Waterfall. By the end of this chapter, you'll be able to use what you know about the MSF and Waterfall methods to gain insight into Scrum.

This book is about using a specific tool, Visual Studio Team Foundation Server (TFS), to support the Scrum process for shipping great software. The fundamental concept is to put customer value at the center of everything you do. While maximizing customer value, you also maximize your team's productivity and predictability with each release, creating a sustainable team environment for shipping great software. In this book, you'll learn how to use the tools in TFS to manage a software development project using Scrum.


Before you can ship great software, you need to build it. Before you can build it, you need to envision how it might work and look. Before you can envision it, you ...

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