RAMP Up Your Brand

The man who whispers down a well

About the goods he has to sell

Will not make as many dollars

As the man who climbs the tree and hollers.

—Lord Leverhulme

As we have discussed, brand perception has a tremendous impact on a buyer's attitude toward a company and disposition toward purchasing goods and services. In addition, we have shown how to craft the right messages based on your markets' needs and perceptions of value and your reality as a firm. In this chapter, we provide a way to think about your brand goals as you lay out your marketing plans.

In the Cahners Advertising Research Report, “How Important Is the Reputation of a Brand Name?”,1 79 percent of buyers agreed that a company's brand reputation is as important as the actual specifics of what is being purchased.

Specifically, among the buyers:

img 85 percent agreed that familiar brands provide good post-sale service.
img 82 percent agreed that buying an unfamiliar brand is often risky.
img 81 percent agreed that a familiar brand usually guarantees selection agreement among internal stakeholders.
img 53 percent agreed ...

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