10.2. Connecting to Web Services

You connect database applications through ADO.NET. All other applications, such as SAP R/3, or Microsoft Dynamics, use web services to connect to the Business Data Catalog. A great place to start is to examine the SampleWebService sample Application Definition file. First, this section explores the web service application definition–specific settings, and then later you modify the file to add a custom action.

Following is a high-level overview of web-service-specific settings for each of the Business Data Catalog elements.

Web Service Specific Properties of the LobSystem Object

For web-service-specific systems, these additional LobSystem object properties may be used. As might be expected, these properties deal with the security and communication aspects of a web service Business Data Catalog application, as illustrated in the following table.

WebProxyServerConfigurationConfiguration file location path.
WebServiceProxyNamespaceDesignated namespace used for web service proxy class generation.
WebServiceProxyProtocolWeb service protocol.
WebServiceProxyTypeFully qualified type name of a type in place of the autogenerated web service proxy.
WsdlFetchAuthenticationModeAuthentication mode used while fetching the Web Service Discovery Language (WSDL) file.
WsdlFetchSsoApplicationIdFully qualified type name of the Single Service Offering Provider Interface (ISsoProvider) credential store implementation used while fetching the web services ...

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