17.3. Content Deployment Walkthrough

Once content deployment is enabled on the farm and configured, paths and jobs can be used to deploy content between site collections.

17.3.1. Example Scenario

For the purposes of demonstration, this chapter features a simple scenario that provides an overview of the capabilities of content deployment. Supporting the scenario are two SharePoint Web Applications:

  • http://cdsource — Hosting a site collection based upon the Publishing Portal template. This mimics a read/write authoring environment (source).

  • http://cddestination — Hosting a site collection based upon the Blank Site template. This mimics a read-only production environment (destination).

The source site collection has two subsites, About Us and News. The About Us site should be deployed at the same time as content within the top-level site, whereas the News site needs a more frequent schedule. This example scenario is shown in Figure 17-10.

Figure 17-10. Figure 17-10

17.3.2. Creating Paths

Paths and jobs are created and configured using the Central Administration Operations Content Deployment Paths and Jobs page. Before jobs can be created, a path must first be created by clicking ...

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