3.4. Publishing Sites

At its core, a MOSS Publishing site is simply a SharePoint site that has had the Publishing Features activated. The Publishing Features are scoped at the site collection level; and when these Features are provisioned, a number of pre-defined elements such as the Pages list are added to the site. Once these features are enabled, it is possible to create new Publishing pages within the site for the purposes of WCM. MOSS provides a Publishing site template geared toward WCM scenarios, such as the Publishing Portal, as a starting point for exploring the WCM capability. The Publishing Portal includes a home page, a News section with some sample content, and pointers to common configuration steps necessary in a WCM scenario. Figure 3-2 shows the Publishing Portal in Presentation mode, the view experienced by read-only site visitors.

Figure 3-2. Figure 3-2

The same page in Edit mode as experienced by content authors is shown in Figure 3-3.

Figure 3-3. Figure 3-3

Figure 3-4 shows the Web design view of a page layout within Office SharePoint Designer 2007.

Figure 3-4. Figure 3-4

The following table provides a brief overview of each key element within a Publishing ...

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