Chapter 1. Introduction to SharePoint 2010


  • Information about tools to integrate with Silverlight, LINQ, and BCS

  • New features in social computing

  • New features in ECM

Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 introduces a lot of new functionality that you need to understand in order to write better applications on the platform. Beyond increasing the new features in each of the SharePoint workloads, such as collaboration or portal, Microsoft has added entirely new products to the SharePoint family, including the acquired FAST technologies for Enterprise Search and the PerformancePoint services that enhance SharePoint's business intelligence (BI) capabilities. With these new additions, the surface area of SharePoint has doubled, so this chapter will quickly introduce the new set of features in both SharePoint and the Office client.


SharePoint, as a development platform, has matured over time from server APIs to web services to now supporting the latest developer technologies, such as Silverlight, LINQ, and REST APIs. Developers who build on the SharePoint platform will find some very welcome additions to the platform, which users have been requesting for a number of years, such as the ability to develop and test on client operating systems, including Windows Vista and Windows 7. You no longer need to do remote development or run a virtual server OS on your client machine to develop on SharePoint. Let's look at the top new enhancements ...

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