SharePoint Designer 2010
The history of SharePoint Designer
New changes in SharePoint Designer 2010
An overview of the new user interface
Branding with SharePoint Designer 2010
Views and the XSLT List View Web Part
Restricting access to SharePoint Designer 2010
SharePoint Designer (SPD) 2010, the latest version, includes many changes and improvements,
and it remains an important tool for customizing the look and feel of SharePoint. This chap-
ter takes you on a tour of the major changes to SPD 2010, focusing on its branding-related
Before the advent of SPD, there was a product called Microsoft FrontPage. For many web
designers, the mere mention of FrontPage conjures up bad memories; and while it is true that
the origins of SPD can be traced back to FrontPage, it has come a very long way. Although the
product originally was an ugly duckling of sorts, it has evolved into a powerful tool — not
only for branding, but also for managing your SharePoint sites and improving business pro-
cesses in your organization.
FrontPage was designed to be a powerful tool that made creating websites easy; but with great
power comes great responsibility. This mantra has been a recurrent theme of the product
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