Chapter 1

Architectural Overview of SharePoint 2013


  • Understanding on-premise server farm architecture
  • Deploying, configuring, and publishing applications with the service application architecture
  • Discovering the improved scalability and redundancy of the search architecture
  • Exploring the SQL Server database architecture
  • Understanding the cloud-hosted architectures

Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 introduces a lot of new functionality that you need to understand to write better applications on the SharePoint 2013 platform. Developing new functionality relies on a sound logical and physical architecture. Therefore, you must have a good appreciation and understanding of your SharePoint farm architecture to take advantage of and develop long-lasting SharePoint solutions.

This chapter provides a succinct overview of the common on-premise server farm architectures available for SharePoint 2013. You take a detailed look at service applications and dive into the evolved SharePoint 2013 search architecture. Then, you look at the improvements and updates related to the SQL database tier. Lastly, you take a look at the cloud-hosted farm architectures.

The content presented in this chapter targets architects, lead developers, and developers developing solutions tailored to their SharePoint 2013 farm topologies, but the chapter is also useful for anyone working with the product. Although all topics covered in this chapter are important, this chapter has been designed ...

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