Chapter 9

Building Search-Based Applications in SharePoint 2013


  • Customizing search results by extending the UI or creating your own
  • Creating queries and working with rules, result templates, and CSOM
  • Developing connectors, content processing, and result sources
  • Creating rank profiles and managed properties
  • Recognizing common patterns for developing search extensions and search-based applications


The code downloads for this chapter are found at on the Download Code tab. The code is in the chapter 09 download and individually named according to names throughout the chapter.

Search is now everywhere, and most people use it numerous times a day to keep from drowning in information. Enterprise search provides a powerful way to access information of all types, and it enables you to bridge across the information silos that proliferate in many organizations. Perhaps because of the simplicity and ubiquity of the search user experience, the complexity of search under the hood is rarely appreciated until you get into it. Developing with search and SharePoint 2013 is rewarding and not difficult; although, it requires an understanding of search and sometimes a different mindset.

Chapter 1, “Architectural Overview of SharePoint 2013,” covered an overview of the new architecture of search. Chapter 2, “What’s New in SharePoint 2013,” included a quick overview of the new search ...

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