IF YOU ALREADY HAVE SOME exposure to the SharePoint platform and its complementary technologies, you probably know that SharePoint is a versatile platform for building solutions that address a wide range of business needs. The growing importance and use of SharePoint in general has played an important role in the investment Microsoft has made in this platform over the years. Today, the latest version of this great product is SharePoint 2013!

There are many new features and improvements made to the core platform in SharePoint 2013. However, what is the most exciting addition is the new app model that enables developers to build apps and deploy them in isolation with few or no dependencies on any other software on the platform where it is installed and with no custom code that runs on the SharePoint servers.

In SharePoint 2013, the emphasis is more on the cloud programming and standard web technologies such as JavaScript and HTML. In that respect, it is fair to say that the majority of other changes made to the SharePoint 2013 platform are made to support this new app development model.


This book is for anyone interested in developing applications on top of SharePoint 2013 or SharePoint Online in Office 365. Although some knowledge is assumed about SharePoint, the examples are comprehensive and easy to follow if you have previous knowledge of web development and development tools.


SharePoint 2013, just like its predecessors, ...

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