Chapter 8

Configuring SharePoint for Business Intelligence


  • Deploying SQL Server Analysis Services
  • Deploying sample data
  • Excel Services
  • PowerPivot
  • SQL Server Reporting Services
  • PerformancePoint
  • Visio Graphics Service
  • Access Services

A quick glance at the preceding list of topics covered in this chapter explains why this chapter is so long. Business intelligence (BI), which refers to an enterprise’s approach to working with, analyzing, and storing large amounts of data, is often a challenge for administrators both new and experienced. One of the main reasons is because the guides and documentation aren’t usually very practical. They are typically written by fellow administrators who understand the nuts and bolts but have no clue about the data. Not that it really matters, as such guides rarely include a walk-through of the technology because sample data is difficult to find and deploy. Of course, the opposite approach is equally insufficient, because a guide written purely by a data specialist enables an administrator to get things working but without any real understanding of the process.

This chapter takes a different approach. It was written by two SharePoint administrators and one BI expert, together working out all the kinks and then documenting it. Every section first describes how to install and configure the given item, and then walks you through the process of actually deploying the resulting report or other BI output so you can see it working. ...

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