Chapter 13

Configuring and Managing Enterprise Search


  • What’s new in enterprise search
  • Understanding the search architecture
  • Configuring enterprise search
  • Managing the search UI

SharePoint 2013 search is a great addition to a fully featured product. It has been re-architected to take full advantage of the new SharePoint functionality, the best of FAST search, and new search technology features previously not commercialized. Although SharePoint search can be used in the typical bread-and-butter user scenario, by typing queries into a box and filtering through the results, that only scratches the surface of its integration and capabilities across the platform. It introduces many new features to improve the display and relevancy of the traditional search experience, but it can also be used to process usage patterns such as user clicks and other user behavior to make recommendations. All of these capabilities of SharePoint 2013 search are covered in this chapter.


SharePoint 2013 offers numerous improvements to existing features of search and introduces new features. It is hands down the best enterprise search capability in SharePoint’s history. The following sections, while not exhaustive, highlight the key changes. For a more detailed summary, refer to, “What’s new in search in SharePoint Server 2013,” at

Single Search Architecture

SharePoint 2013 is based on a single ...

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