THE THREE AMIGOS ARE BACK together to write another SharePoint Administration book. It feels kind of crazy to know we are done with this process for a third time. With the 2007 edition we had almost no clue what we were doing but we knew that the topic was important. The 2010 edition was painful but a great adventure; when we started I never imagined we could fill that many pages. Now, with the 2013 edition, you will find the same voice and humor, but many changes and updates relevant to the newest version of SharePoint.

This book, like our other two, is written from the point of view of real administrators who perform the tasks it describes; it is not an academic exploration. This is the same way we teach training and give presentations at major conferences around the world — focusing on real-world SharePoint. We are often asked, “Will this book/training/presentation help me prepare for the SharePoint certification exams?” — and we always have the same answer: “Does that matter if you cannot do your job well?” This book is focused as much as possible on helping you administer SharePoint effectively and efficiently. If you do a good job learning and using SharePoint, things like passing the exams will follow naturally. In case you are wondering, two of us have already passed some of the exams and one of us is a slacker and hasn’t taken any yet.

Some of the changes in this edition of the book include the following:

  • Coverage of the new features, obviously. Highlights ...

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