Appendix D. Integrating Silverlight into SharePoint 2010

Since its release, Microsoft's SharePoint platform has exploded as a hugely popular collaboration and communication platform. It allows organizations to easily get up-and-running fast with a rich set of out-of-the-box features and includes an expansive set of extensibility points that allow developers to customize just about every part of it. Starting with the 2010 release, Microsoft has renamed what was formerly known as Windows SharePoint Services to SharePoint Foundation 2010. Additionally, Microsoft has continued to make significant investments in both the experience and the extensibility that the platform offers, including a significant improved way of integrating Silverlight into SharePoint.

This appendix shows you how to use the new features of SharePoint Foundation 2010 to seamlessly integrate Silverlight applications into SharePoint.

Note that because SharePoint is a vast and highly extensible platform, it would be impossible for this appendix to cover every aspect of extending SharePoint. This appendix specifically focuses on integrating Silverlight into SharePoint, but you can find more in-depth information on SharePoint 2010 in the Wrox title Professional SharePoint 2010 Development.


To demonstrate how easy it is to integrate Silverlight applications into SharePoint, this appendix uses a small sample application that displays weather information in SharePoint. Figure D-1 shows the application ...

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