Chapter 19. Working with Text


  • Using TextBlock and RichTextBox

  • Supporting and rendering text and fonts

Although the graphical browser has made the Web a powerful platform for expressing ideas using complex imagery, a core function of the Web remains to disseminate information, and text remains a primary mechanism to achieve this function. The basic text capabilities of HTML and CSS have improved dramatically, giving you significant control over the layout and appearance of the text displayed in your website. Silverlight provides you with many of the same powerful capabilities of HTML and CSS and extends those basic capabilities with even more functionality that can dramatically enhance your ability to control, to a fine point, the way your website delivers textual information.

This chapter looks at the features included in Silverlight for inputting, displaying, and formatting text using the TextBlock and RichTextBox controls. The chapter also covers the different font support options included in Silverlight and how transformations can be used to alter the look of text.


Although this chapter covers the RichTextBox control, you can find additional content on other text input controls like the TextBox and AutoComplete box in Chapter 6.


Silverlight includes a variety of ways to display and input text. The easiest way to display text in your application is to use the TextBlock control. If you need more advanced display of text, such as ...

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