Professional Sitecore Development

Book description

Professional Sitecore Development offers comprehensive information for programmers learning the CMS and experienced Sitecore developers alike. This guidance can help your organization minimize implementation cost and time to web, increasing revenue while decreasing IT costs. With this book, you will learn how to implement solutions with Sitecore, how the Sitecore architecture enhances the ASP.NET development process, how to use Sitecore's extensive Application Programming Interfaces, and how to deploy the website.

Professional Sitecore Development provides coverage on a range of topics including:

  • Installing and configuring Sitecore

  • Implementing an information architecture and transforming content into web pages

  • Using the Sitecore security infrastructure, managing errors, and testing automatically

  • Managing Sitecore projects, optimizing performance, and scaling Sitecore solutions

  • Tips, tricks, and best practices for working with the CMS

  • Extending Sitecore and integrating external systems, including coverage of configuration, events, pipelines, and Sitecore's user interface technology

If you're looking for a solution for web content management, then Sitecore is your answer and this book will get you started using this valuable software today.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Chapter 1: Introducing the Sitecore ASP.NET CMS
    1. Understanding Web Content Management Systems
    2. Introducing Sitecore
    3. Take Home Points
  3. Chapter 2: Information Architecture
    1. Introducing Information Architecture
    2. Sitecore Items
    3. Sitecore Data Templates
    4. Data Validation
    5. Managing Multilingual Solutions
    6. Managing Media
    7. Sharing Content
    8. Importing Content
    9. Take Home Points
  4. Chapter 3: The Layout Engine and Data Access APIs
    1. The ASP.NET Page Lifecycle
    2. The Sitecore Context
    3. Layout Details and Layout Deltas
    4. Presentation Components
    5. Fundamental Sitecore APIs
    6. Sitecore Data Access Techniques
    7. Syndicate Content with Sitecore
    8. Layout Engine Best Practices
    9. Take Home Points
  5. Chapter 4: Sitecore Security
    1. Access Rights
    2. Security Accounts and Domains
    3. Preventing Sitecore from Applying Security
    4. Requiring Authentication for a Managed Website
    5. Integrating and Extending Sitecore Security
    6. Switching Providers
    7. Take Home Points
  6. Chapter 5: Error Management
    1. Exception Levels
    2. Designing an Error Helper Class
    3. Implementing Your Own Exception Classes
    4. Trapping Exceptions with try...catch...finally Blocks
    5. Handing Errors in Presentation Controls
    6. Handling Exceptions at the Page Level
    7. Handling Exceptions at the Application Level
    8. Error Management Pages
    9. System Outages
    10. Take Home Points
  7. Chapter 6: Optimizing, Scaling, and Troubleshooting
    1. Optimizing Sitecore Performance
    2. Scaling Your Solution
    3. Troubleshooting Your Solution
    4. Spelunking Sitecore
    5. Take Home Points
  8. Chapter 7: Extending and Integrating Sitecore
    1. Determining Types with the Configuration Factory
    2. Extending Sitecore Classes with Extension Methods
    3. Leveraging the Sitecore User Interface Framework
    4. Engaging the Rules Engine
    5. Validating Data
    6. Scheduling Sitecore Processes
    7. Integrating from the Back End
    8. Extending the Sitecore Page Editor
    9. Take Home Points
  9. Chapter 8: Automated Testing
    1. Understanding Automated Testing
    2. Complexities of Testing Against Sitecore
    3. Testing Techniques for Sitecore
    4. The Test Project
    5. Testing with the HTTP Protocol
    6. Testing Using a Web Browser Driver
    7. Testing with an Embedded Test Runner
    8. Instantiating Controls to Test
    9. Invoking the Sitecore API Directly
    10. Using Sitecore APIs without an HTTP Context
    11. Working with Test Data
    12. Take Home Points
  10. Chapter 9: Managing Implementations
    1. Approaching Sitecore Projects
    2. Publishing with Sitecore
    3. Workflow
    4. Managing Sitecore Deployments
    5. Managing Multiple Sites with Sitecore
    6. Take Home Points
  11. Chapter 10: On Beyond CMS
    1. The Digital Marketing System
    2. Standalone Sitecore Products
    3. Sitecore App Center
    4. Optional Modules
    5. Take Home Points
  12. Chapter 11: Sitecore Best Practices, Tips, and Tricks
    1. Sitecore Best Practices
    2. Sitecore Tips and Tricks
    3. Take Home Points
  13. Appendix A: Resources for Sitecore Developers
    1. Accessing Sitecore Resources
  14. Appendix B: Installing Sitecore
    1. Preparing to Install Sitecore
    2. Installing Sitecore with the Setup Program
    3. Installing Sitecore from a Zip or Other Archive
    4. Creating a Visual Studio Project
    5. Take Home Points
  15. Introduction
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Product information

  • Title: Professional Sitecore Development
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: May 2012
  • Publisher(s): Wrox
  • ISBN: 9781118235256