Appendix A

Resources for Sitecore Developers

You can maximize your productivity as a Sitecore developer by reviewing a variety of resources on the Internet and by participating in online and in-person Sitecore community events. Review the information in this appendix before installing the Sitecore ASP.NET Content Management System (CMS).

Accessing Sitecore Resources

This section provides pointers to various resources for users, administrators, project managers, and most importantly developers working with the Sitecore ASP.NET CMS. It contains information about resources including Sitecore training, Sitecore partners, online materials such as Sitecore documentation and the Sitecore Developer Network forums, local and virtual user groups, the annual Sitecore Symposium conference for developers and partners (formerly Dreamcore), and Sitecore Success Services.


In general, you can use the same log-in information (e-mail address and password) for all the websites that Sitecore manages, including the Sitecore Portal (, the Sitecore Developer Network (, and the Sitecore Support Portal (

Sitecore Training

In addition to being one of the most efficient methods to learn a new platform, one of the best ways to evaluate a web CMS is to attend developer training. I strongly recommend that all Sitecore developers ...

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