Chapter 9

Managing Implementations

What's in This Chapter?

Managing projects

Publishing content

Understanding workflow

Deploying changes

Supporting multiple sites

After you configure your Sitecore solution, you want to get the most value from it. This chapter provides the information you need to manage Sitecore projects. After an overview of traditional project management, this chapter continues to cover the concepts of publishing and workflow, which separate work-in-progress content from that visible on your public sites and enforce a combined manual and automated process for transferring approved changes to your production content delivery environment. Once you understand content publishing, you can consider deployment, which involves the migration of developer assets, such as data templates and code, from one environment to another. You can also use Sitecore to manage multiple logical sites with a single Sitecore instance.

Sitecore is very true to the core principles of the ASP.NET application server, so you can easily leverage your existing expertise with the CMS platform. Once you truly understand Sitecore, the toolset should improve your ability to meet any web objectives that you can define, and reduce your time to market, as Sitecore eliminates some of the steps in the typical implementation process. You can use Sitecore to prototype solutions and then add features to the framework in iterations. Sitecore does not limit the output that you can produce in any way; you can ...

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