Chapter 10

On Beyond CMS

What's in This Chapter?

Engaging your audience with the Digital Marketing System (DMS)

Managing web forms with Web Forms for Marketers (WFFM)

Organizing email campaigns with the Email Campaign Manager (ECM)

Employing standalone Sitecore products

Accessing the App Center

Using optional modules

This chapter introduces Sitecore products beyond its core ASP.NET content management system (CMS). Sections in this chapter provide additional information about products in the following list.

  • Digital Marketing System (DMS) — Leverage web statistics, engagement analytics, marketing automation, and much more
  • Sitecore Intranet Portal (SIP) — Deploy intranet solutions with ease
  • Sitecore Foundry — Allow multiple groups of users to manage numerous web properties with similar characteristics
  • Sitecore App Center (SAC) — Integrate third-party online applications into your CMS
  • Adaptive Print Studio (APS) — Reuse content and apply personalization in print campaigns
  • Calendar — Publish calendars of events from your CMS
  • dtSearch — Expose site search results using the dtSearch search engine
  • Sitecore E-Commerce Services (SES) — Implement electronic commerce features
  • SharePoint Integration Framework (SPIF) — Integrate Microsoft SharePoint with your Sitecore solution
  • Active Directory (AD) — Authenticate users against Microsoft Active Directory
  • Search Engine Optimization Toolkit (SEO) — Analyze and optimize your web solutions to improve Internet search engine ranking
  • Sitecore Azure ...

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