Chapter 16. DTS 2000 Migration

By now, you are probably pretty familiar with various basic aspects of SSIS. In earlier chapters, you've studied the new SSIS interface, the new object model, internal design, and how to write SSIS packages.

In SQL Server 2008, you can easily run SQL Server 2000 DTS packages in the 2008 environment. In a future release of SQL Server however, DTS will be officially deprecated and not supported. In this chapter, you look at how to migrate DTS 2000 packages to SSIS and, if necessary, how to run DTS 2000 packages under SSIS.

Managing DTS 2000 Packages within SQL Server Management Studio

Later in this chapter, we discuss how to migrate your DTS packages to SSIS, but for some companies, that isn't an option for a number of months until the migration project is approved. As a temporary solution, you can choose to run DTS 2000 packages under SSIS, if you have the Data Transformation Services 2000 runtime installed or run the package from within the SQL Server 2008 Management Studio using the SQL Server 2000 DTS runtime engine.

To edit packages in SQL Server 2008, you'll first need to install a component of the SQL Server 2005 (yes, SQL Server 2005) Feature Pack. The SQL Server Feature Pack is a series of optional installations that can enhance your SQL Server experience like an OLE DB Provider for DB2 or in our case the SQL Server 2000 DTS Designer Components. If you do not have this one component installed, you will receive the following error when you try to ...

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