IF YOU’RE TROUBLESHOOTING an apparent “SQL Server” issue, you need to be able to troubleshoot the underlying operating system and storage as well as SQL Server. The aim of this book is to bring together and simplify the architectural details of these components before introducing you to the tools and techniques that very successful SQL Server Professionals use every day to get great results.

A fair amount of Windows and hardware internals’ information is available already, but very little of it condenses and filters the right material to be easily consumed by SQL Server professionals. The available material is either too light or too in-depth — with nothing to help bridge the gap.

Combining this need with the need for practical internals’ information on SQL Server and comprehensive introductions to troubleshooting tools available from the SQL Server Community and that come with SQL Server itself, three goals were established for this book:

  • To provide in-depth architectural information on SQL Server (and the environment on which it depends) that is easy to consume
  • To present a practical introduction to free and included SQL Server troubleshooting tools
  • To deliver against both of these goals using real-world examples and anecdotes to help SQL Server professionals efficiently and accurately determine the root cause of issues on systems running SQL Server


This book is intended for readers who regard themselves as, or who aspire to be, SQL Server ...

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