Chapter 6. Using Team Foundation Version Control


  • Understanding version control

  • Using the Source Control Explorer

  • Viewing the history of files and folders

  • Using the version control command line

  • Using Team Foundation version control in Eclipse and on non-Windows platforms

  • Understanding version control security and permissions

  • Understanding source control settings and configuration

  • A guide to Team Foundation Server for Visual SourceSafe users

  • A guide to Team Foundation Server for Subversion users

Version control is one of the primary reasons that people adopt Team Foundation Server. Most professional developers have had some prior experience with a version control system. The first thing you must come to terms with is that every version control system is different. While change can be unsettling at first, there are clear benefits in moving to Team Foundation Server.

Team Foundation Server provides a robust, powerful, and scalable version control infrastructure that you can rely on to support the needs of your software development efforts. From teams of 1 to teams of 5,000 or more, Team Foundation Server is a mission-critical system supporting many organizations today. It was built from scratch by Microsoft, and is not based on its previous version control offering, Visual SourceSafe (VSS).

Team Foundation Server stores all its version control data in a SQL Server database alongside the work item and build information. Team Foundation Server's version control system is designed ...

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