Chapter 7. Ensuring Code Quality


  • Reviewing check-in policies

  • Monitoring check-in policy overrides

  • Creating custom check-in policies

  • Deploying custom check-in policies

  • Setting up gated check-in builds

  • Reconciling workspaces after gated check-in builds

  • Managing code reviews

One of the nice things about having an integrated version control system is the ability to track traceability with other artifacts in Team Foundation Server that will enable the team to develop higher quality code. Team Foundation Server 2010 integrates the version control system with the work item tracking, automated builds, and test case management systems to enable your team to do just that.

This chapter examines the different methods that you can use to ensure code quality, such as gated check-ins, check-in policies, and tips for managing code reviews in Team Foundation Server.


The "cost" of fixing a bug has often been studied, and there is now a general consensus that the cost increases exponentially from the time the bug was introduced. In his March 2007 Equity keynote address, Barry Boehm indicated that the relative cost increases can be as high as 150 times the cost if the problem would have been found at the very beginning of the software development lifecycle. Ensuring quality on your development team starts before the Quality Assurance (QA) or Testing departments ever get their hands on the software.

Team Foundation Server 2010 supports ensuring different types of quality. ...

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