Chapter 8. Migration from Legacy Version Control Systems


  • Understanding the difference between upgrade and migration

  • Comparing tip versus history migration techniques

  • Migrating from Visual SourceSafe using VSS Converter

  • Understanding the Team Foundation Server Integration platform

  • Getting to know third-party tools for other legacy systems

Most teams adopting Team Foundation Server don't have the blessing of starting from the very beginning with their applications. More than likely, there is an existing repository of source code that teams will want to move in some capacity into Team Foundation Server, and continue software development from there.

That team may be using the latest version of Microsoft Visual SourceSafe (VSS), only to discover being in an unsupported scenario in April 2011, which is the month that Microsoft discontinues mainstream support for Visual SourceSafe 2005. Their goal may be to move to a new version control system such as Team Foundation Server so that they can receive support if they are in a situation where they might need it in the future. The team may also be using one of the available version control systems — either commercial or Open Source.

One thing is certain: The process of moving to a new version control system gives you the rare opportunity to reorganize and clean up parts of the source code organization that has needed attention. This chapter explores the different options that are available for migrating existing source code ...

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