6.6. Creating Custom Process Templates

Some processes are extremely elaborate—you could write an entire book on how to customize a single process. The goal here is to get a big picture view of a process and look at how you can roll out the process into Team System.

6.6.1. Conchango Scrum Process Template

Scrum is an Agile process; developed by Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland, it is focused on project management. It is a systematic approach to built-in predictability in your development process. If you want to learn the intricacies of Scrum, the best site to visit is www.controlchaos.com.

Conchango (conchango.com) has developed a Team System process template that allows any organization to implement Scrum on the Team System platform. In this section, we look at the different parts of the process template and explain the customizations that have been made to incorporate Scrum functionality and principles into Team System. You can download the template in question at the following link: scrumforteamsystem.com.


The easiest way to now modify a process template is the Process Template Editor. It was used to create portions of the Scrum process template. How do we know this? The work item definition for the Sprint work item contains the following line of code: <WITD application="Work item type editor" version="1.0">. Classification

The Scrum programming process uses typical one-month iteration cycles called Sprints. Here is the structure of the Classification.xml file. ...

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